Monsters of Terror

Far, far away from planet earth in another galaxy there is a planet called "Terror" where the Wizard of Terror is up to his tricks. He built a mighty empire and created a new species of monsters never seen in the universe before. Those monsters, formed to an army of darkness, are unfeeling, unscrupulous and willing to kill for their master. With this army the mad wizard is about to extinguish all humanity.

Our four heroes discovered the subterranean headquarter of the Wizard of Terror and his evil army, before he could execute his crazy plan. Now it is your turn to defeat the army of darkness and the Wizard or Terror...


gameplay video
(played by SarahKreuz78)

Did you know...
  • You can touch the back of a monster if you walk behind it. There is a hidden sample if you do it with a male player.
  • Some guys sent us foreign candies and chocolate. It looked like a car drove over it and it tasted like cherry...
  • Monsters of Terror has been created 1995 in 3 sunny days on an i386 DOS PC, based on the Tubular Worlds game core in x86 assembler. After that it was converted to 68k assembler, based on the Amiga Tubular Worlds game core. That took 3 weeks...
  • The DOS Version of Monsters had adlib music, highscores, quite some bugs and has never been released.
  • There is a known "feature" in the computer player AI. Do you know why the computer players walk to left and right only in some levels? Yes, you know? Please mail the author why they do so!
  • Monsters can only be played by joystick. (and utilizes the 4 player adapter)
  • Rumor has it that one of the female "ahhhh"-voices was caused by a picture of a spider...
  • One programmer's voice is included in the game, the other programmer's voice was too terrible to be included...
  • The name "Monsters of Terror" was adapted from a game called "Toilets of Terror", but this is a secret!
  • Monsters of Terror for the GBA was planned, but it hasn't been finished because the test-GBA did not return for over 12 month from a "company" that wanted to include display light in it.
  • Monsters of Terror V1.1 is under construction!

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Copyright & Disclaimer: This game is freeware. It may be freely copied if no modifications are made with the entire package! Any commercial distribution is strictly forbidden. There is no warranty or other guarantee of fitness of this software for any purpose. It is provided solely "as is".

monsters10aga.lha (759k, aminet)
requirements: AGA chipset (775k, local)
requirements: Amiga emulator
hint: set sound emulation to "accurate" or it will crash!
hint: use 68020 CPU, AGA chipset, 2 MB chipmem, Kickstart 3.0 or better
readme.txt (gameplay infos)