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Did you know?
  • There is an unfinished and enhanced version of Zerberk for Amiga, Windows and Linux in a dusty drawer of my harddisk. (You can find a game mockup with the enhanced graphics at pixeljoint and pixelation)
  • There's a Gameboy Color promoversion of Zerberk for Kritzelkratz 3000
  • There's an entry for Zerberk in the hall of light
  • There's a german review of Zerberk from 1993 in Amiga Joker


Copyright & Disclaimer: This game is freeware. It may be freely copied if no modifications are made with the entire package! Any commercial distribution is strictly forbidden. There is no warranty or other guarantee of fitness of this software for any purpose. It is provided solely "as is".

zerberk14.lha (111k, aminet)
requirements: Kickstart 1.2 or better
zerberk14.adf.zip (134k, local)
requirements: Amiga emulator
hint: use PAL and set sound emulation to "accurate"!
readme.txt (gameplay infos)